Zero intrusive

In real time

Flexible and configurable

Solving problems related to projects.

Coverage of a gap.

Advanced management analysis.

Project management according to the best practices, from the PMBOK® Guide.

Ensure the success of your projects.


Insured TELECO equipment.


Insured databases.


Insured IT equipment.


Insured network equipment.

Guarantee the operation of information systems in a fast, timely and accurate way.

Keep an excellent response time to any incident.

Save excessive expenses in critical situations caused by lack of support in the event of any incident.

Increase the productivity of your operational team.

Create standard access policies from a centralized point, to the various assets of your organization.

Define the access privileges and activities that privileged users can perform.

Generate custom access to your assets for custom time ranges.

Protection and custody of the activities carried out by privileged users during their operation.

Keep the operation of your assets always available from any physical point.

Audit the activities carried out and blocked in your technological assets.