Formateo disco duro

Diskpart: Hard disk formatting

Deleting the contents of an external hard drive becomes complicated. In this article we show you how to remove all the contents of a hard drive that is mounted in a Docking or Case Station yv.

We open Windows command prompt (cmd) from startup with administrator privileges.

We execute the command to start the program “diskpart”:


In the diskpart window we run to show the hard drives that are on our computer, check the number that has assigned the hard disk to be erased:

list disk
La imagen tiene un atributo ALT vacío; su nombre de archivo es cmdwindowsadmin2.jpg

Verify that the number corresponds to the hard drive you want to format, this must be different from the hard drive that contains the data on your computer. Enter the number of the disk to be formatted with the following instruction:

select Disco <numero_disco>

Deletes all contents from the hard drive:


Now create a new disk partition:

create partition primary
select partition 1

Inside the partition we quickly format the hard drive with the following instruction:

format fs=<sistema_archivos> quick

At the end we place the desired format of the hard drive: vfat, ntfs or exfat and define a recognition letter that is deprecated on our computer for the hard drive:

assign letter=<Letra para la unidad>